Errin Mixon is a biracial voice actor and singer with three decades of vocal training and experience. Her extensive singing background (from chamber ensemble to gospel lead) lends her speaking voice a musical quality, imbuing it with warmth and melody. Her voice has been described as welcoming, trustworthy, executive, professional, youthful and enthusiastic.

A vibrant career in television, travel and tech shaped Errin professionally, and she brings that client-focused preparation to every session and gig. Be it in the booth or on the stage, you can trust Errin Mixon on vocals.

Errin is based in the San Francisco Bay Area with a broadcast quality home studio.


Corporate Narration

0:00 - Splunk
0:24 - Executive
0:57 - Cisco
1:23 - AT&T
1:46 - Medical
2:01 - Airline


0:00 - Etsy
0:10 - Eyeglasses
0:19 - Podcast
0:32 - Tyson Foods
0:45 - NY Times
0:57 - Bourbon
1:07 - Toys


"Errin is a joy to work with. The session was not at all difficult for her, even though we were shooting for some very nuanced notions. Errin takes and interprets direction like a pro. I could have used almost all the takes we did. That's rare. She makes it look easy.

"Errin isn't just a nice sounding voice. She's a skilled storyteller, engaged in the process of interpreting the ideas. It's refreshing to work with someone who truly gets it."

- Tom Chantler, Director

"I hired Errin to sing backgrounds on a high-profile gig which didn't have much time for preparation. Errin was amazing! She really didn't need any rehearsal. She came in knowing every single little background part by heart and sang everything perfectly. Background singing is an art in itself and she's got it down, on top of having a phenomenal solo voice. She is a very hard worker with a lot of integrity and one incredible, versatile voice. I can't say enough good things about Errin."

- Leah Tysse, Recording Artist

"A musical treasure/resource hiding in plain sight. After a very smooth and accurate session that she had obviously prepared for, I have the classic sound of a pro singer to accentuate a track that was floundering. I couldn't be happier with the results!"

- Phil Crumar, Musician

"Errin is a joy to work with on every level -- she has amazing vocal talent and a wonderful personality to go along with it. There are not many in her category of dynamic style and professionalism."

- Lionel J. Recio, Producer for Dragon Slayer Music

"Errin provided voiceover for my scientific animated video. It was a pleasure working with her. She accommodated my specific needs and quickly provided a great product."

- Sheel Bansal, Research Ecologist




Amazon Business - Explainer Video Series
YMCA Vancouver - Web & TV Ad
University of Calgary - Explainer Video
Trend Micro - Explainer Video
Children's Trust of SC - Explainer Video
Hotjar - Web Ad
Window World - Video, Social Media
Preserver Partners - Web Ad
Smart Start of Mecklenburg County - Video, Social Media
US Geological Survey - Scientific Animation
Songs of the Faithless - Musical Audio/Drama Full-Cast Album (Protagonist; Character VO & Lead Vocals)
Foothills Pediatric Dentistry - Voicemail On-Hold Loop


Voice One | San Francisco, CA
Areas of Study: Narration, Commercial, Character, Audiobook
Teachers: Sally Clawson, Elaine Clark, Tom Chantler, Bob Wood, Desiree Goyette, Sarah Kliban, Ann Richardson



As back-up vocalist:
Sheila E.
Mike Nesmith (The Monkees)
Tony Saunders
Leah Tysse
Vernon Bush
As part of ensemble:
Stevie Wonder
Ashford & Simpson
Michael Franti
Tom Johnston (Doobie Bros.)
Lisa Fischer


Backing vocals:
Jonah Matranga
Phil Crumar
Lionel Recio
Mars Today
Johnny Del Mar & The Del Mars
Jon Weston
BevMo holiday commercial spot (The BevMo-Lujah Chorus Ensemble)


The Glide Ensemble | Glide Memorial Church | San Francisco, CA
Directors: John F. Turk Jr., Ron Sutherland, Vernon Bush
*featured soloist

Voices of the Spirit | Oakland, CA
Director: John F. Turk Jr.

Sacred & Profane | Oakland, CA
Director: Dr. Rebecca Seeman

Geneseo Chamber Singers | Geneseo, NY
Directors: Dr. Robert Isgro, Dr. Gerard Floriano

Connecticut All-State Ensemble, All-Eastern Honors Ensemble, FHS Chamber Choir, FHS Madrigal Choir, FHS Chorus | Farmington, CT
Director: H. Scott Campbell


The Jazz School at California Jazz Conservatory | Berkeley, CA
Teachers: Laurie Antonioli, Juliet Green

SUNY Geneseo Choral Program | Geneseo, NY
Directors: Dr. Robert Isgro, Dr. Gerard Floriano

FHS Choral Program | Farmington, CT
Director: H. Scott Campbell

studio specs

Studio: VocalBooth Gold Series Sound Booth
Microphone: Sennheiser MKH 416
Preamp: Focusrite Scarlett Solo G3
Software: Adobe Audition
Live Session: SourceConnect Standard, Skype




Shortlist Talent (SF Bay Area)
Lana Burstein | info@shortlisttalent.com

Lori Lins Limited (Milwaukee, Chicago, Madison)
Joan Rustad-Kennedy | voice@lorilins.com

Impressive Talent (Maryland)
Lisa Ristau | info@impressivetalent.com